Trump Is A Problem, But Not THE Problem

Trump is a symptom, not the disease. Trump is the gristle stuck in our teeth, but he is not the ever-present plaque and decay. He is the odor, not the rotting meat. He is the pain, not the wound.


My Last Blog Entry From Texas

This is it. My last blog entry from Texas. My internet service is scheduled to be cut off tomorrow, Dec. 27, and my phone service the day after that. Everything’s boxed up except this laptop, a few changes of clothes, and some hygiene items. Fingers crossed.

The True Meaning of Whatever

The “true meaning” of anything is going to end up being whatever you want it to be. Stop trying to make Christmas so mystical, magical, and mysterious. It’s a day on the calendar just like June 10. Unlike June 10, someone in history chose Dec. 25 to be the day we pretend God was born to a virgin human youngster and that God was also the father of this baby.