A brief explanation of my online absence, and an admission of my probable mental health situation.


A Few More Firearm Thoughts

I respond to the “guns don’t kill people” argument. It’s a straw man, because no one actually thinks guns are at fault.

More Pro-Gun Lies

Thanks again to Wil C. Fry for looking deeper into the Right’s rhetoric. Have you heard the latest talking point among some conservatives about mass shootings? They’re claiming most of the perps come from broken homes. Grew up without father figures. The much-beloved “traditional family unit” would have saved us all. Mr. Fry laid out […]

Guns, Guns, The Musical Fruit

Guns, guns, the musical fruit The more you buy, the more you shoot The more you shoot, the better you feel So eat more guns at every meal Illustration by Hong Ool Used via Creative Commons license I’m a self-described “not a poet”. The lines above came to mind as I read a blog entry […]

So What Happens After Trump?

What do we get when the Cheeto is gone? Trump’s presidency WILL come to an end. That’s a fact — and a happy one. The questions are “When?” and “What Happens Next?” After examining the possible outcomes my strong opinion is that the BEST possible outcome is for Trump to last until the 2020 election […]

Kansas Can’t Stop Embarrassing Itself

Kansas seems to be quoting former Texas Governor Rick Perry: “Oops!” Now that six teenagers — too young to even vote — have entered the race for Governor of Kansas, the state suddenly realized its founders didn’t know what they were doing. Kansas leaders realized in a moment of panic that neither the state’s constitution […]

Political Positions

A much better scale than simple left-right is this grid which shows both left-right and up-down measurements. It places me slightly to the left of Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein.   There are lots of political quizzes going around the internet lately. The best one I’ve found so far is It asks a variety […]

The Dow Is NOT The Economy

In a headline oddly lacking in capitalization, Reuters complains: Dow sees worst day in two years as bond yields jump. The chuckle-inducing 666 points lost in the DJIA gave anti-Trump forces something to cheer about. After a year of Trump lying that the record Wall Street profits were due to his presidency, liberals all over […]

The Christian Obsession With Abortion

I doubt I’ll ever understand the Christian obsession with abortions. It’s fairly obvious that this is the primary issue that keeps the “religious right” on the side of Republicans, so we KNOW why it’s a big thing for the GOP — they need the religious right. But why is it a big deal for Christians? […]

My New Theme

At the request of some readers (and after research into readers’ preferences), I’ve changed the theme of this blog to be better for everyone.