My Plan To Review The Entire Bible

I mentioned in A Tiny Autobiography that a co-worker urged me to read the Bible in 2016. Can you believe I’m in my 40s and never read the Good Book? I couldn’t think of a reason to refuse, so I began. I’m still working through it.

By Michelangelo, Public Domain, Wikipedia

I occasionally wrote thoughts and reactions in a notebook. I decided to turn these thoughts into reviews of each book.

These won’t be literary reviews. That’s not my intent. They’re also not theological reviews. I don’t have the credentials for that. I’m just a lifelong atheist who was handed a Bible (yes, she gave me one) and determined to read it.

It’s difficult, but as I read and review I’m trying to see the Bible from multiple viewpoints:

1) Viewpoint of the writer (why would he/she write this?)
2) Viewpoint of original audience (what effect would it have on them?)
3) Viewpoint of the compilers (why would they include this in the Bible?)
4) Viewpoint of today’s Christians (what about it makes them think it’s true?)
5) Viewpoint of today’s non-Christians (how is it supposed to convince us?)

As each review is finished, I will add a link.

1. Genesis
2. Exodus
3-5. Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
6. Joshua
7. Judges
8. Ruth
9-12. I & II Samuel and I & II Kings (“The Book Of Reigns”)
13-14. I & II Chronicles
15-16. Ezra & Nehemiah
17. Esther
18. Job
19. Psalms
20. Proverbs
21. Ecclesiastes
22. Song of Songs
23. Isaiah
24. Jeremiah
25. Lamentations
26. Ezekiel
27. Daniel
28. Hosea
29. Joel
30. Amos
31. Obadiah
32. Jonah
33. Micah
34. Nahum
35. Habakkuk
36. Zephaniah
37. Haggai
38. Zechariah
39. Malachi

Summary of Old Testament

40. Matthew
41. Mark
42. Luke
43. John
44. Acts
45. Romans
46. 1 Corinthians
47. 2 Corinthians
48. Galatians
49. Ephesians
50. Philippians
51. Colossians
52. 1 Thessalonians
53. 2 Thessalonians
54. 1 Timothy
55. 2 Timothy
56. Titus
57. Philemon
58. Hebrews
59. James
60. 1 Peter
61. 2 Peter
62. 1 John
63. 2 John
64. 3 John
65. Jude
66. Revelation

Conclusion to entire Bible

Edited to add:

I knew there were multiple translations of the Bible. But I didn’t know until starting these reviews how many version exist. I also learned during this process that there are Bibles with extra books in them. I used the New International Version, because that’s the one given to me by my coworker.


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